Tuesday, February 11, 2020

"How we made The Land That Time Forgot"

The production designer, Maurice Carter, suggested doing all the dinosaurs as hand puppets. They were about 2ft tall and the guy who made them, Roger Dicken, had his arm up inside them, while their arms were on tiny sticks, a bit like the Muppets.


Our American distributors insisted on Doug McClure, who was a bigger draw than the actor originally cast. He’d done so much action stuff that he made the fight sequences easy. He knew how to throw a punch in relation to the camera. But maybe he was frustrated with those kinds of roles, because he was drinking a lot. He’d also just split up with his wife. He was a big pussycat with me, but he got into a few fights. One lunchtime he punched a hole clean through the producer’s wall because his private car wasn’t available. The producer had the hole cut out and framed.