Thursday, April 16, 2020

An interview with "the queen of fake Reddit stories"

Mel Magazine:

“My dad used to troll Saved by the Bell message boards in the 1990s


“But AITA is getting extremely heavily moderated,” she says. “I actually don’t troll there very much anymore. Everyone is looking out for fake posts.” She lists a few common tells for fabricated situations: “One is ‘My husband is obsessed with [insert niche thing here].’ These posts got really popular lately, so they’re pretty much always fake.”


So how does something like the Harry Potter wedding gambit succeed while other shitposts are outed as bogus? It’s about the exact points of plausibility and discord. The Hogwarts house bride plays well “because, first of all, people like that actually do exist, and second of all, Harry Potter isn’t something Reddit hates, if anything it’s just highly polarizing,” CHH explains — therefore, commenters will engage with it.


Reddit banned her — a few of her accounts in 2019, then her actual IP or device (she’s not sure which) in 2020. She has a strategy to get around the block, which she declined to share for obvious reasons, but it’s a method that keeps her from practicing the skill of “Long Game Trolling,” where she creates deep posting histories for years under a given screenname to gain trust and legitimacy.