Tuesday, April 7, 2020

"I'm the guy price-gouging you for a Nintendo Switch on eBay"

A scalper describes a cross-country trip, emptying stores of popular goods on the way:
I would check inventory checkers — websites and apps that tell you if stores still have particular items in stock — every hour or so to see if the city I was approaching had any items that there’s a lot of demand for. If they did, my only focus would be to get that item.

Rural Walmarts seemed to have stock due to their small local population — most of the inventory I purchased over the trip was from Nebraska and Kansas (although most stores have a limit on how many you can purchase, usually two at a time). I’d be in and out of the stores in five to ten minutes. I wore a mask and obviously washed my hands. Throughout the trip, I went to maybe 10 Walmarts.

I’d list the items on eBay as soon as I got them, and all of my shipping supplies were bought from Walmart. Each night, I’d pack everything from my hotel room and then mail it out from the local post office in the morning and continue on my journey.