Thursday, June 10, 2021

A card game called "The Estate of Baron Archambaud, an Ingrate"

Good title for a game available at Itch:

Baron Archambaud's palatial estate is as opulent, confounding, and eccentric as the man himself. He took something you desperately need and locked it away in his vault, and you are determined to retrieve it. You are not the first to attempt this thievery. A dangerous path lays before you.

The Estate of Baron Archambaud, an Ingrate is a self-contained, single-player card adventure in which players use a deck of standard playing cards to explore the Baron's estate and retrieve an heirloom from his vault. 

Players build the estate by dividing the deck by color. The black cards represent rooms with encounters, puzzles, or random effects. The red cards represent items and treasures that you receive for successfully resolving encounters. 

Many encounters can be resolved in three ways: FIGHT, ESCAPE, and CHARM. Players roll 2d6, add any bonuses or boons, and attempt to beat the number indicated. Items you pick up can help you, and you can choose a character at the beginning with bonuses in these stats to suit your play style.