Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Arizona State has been accused of extensive recruiting violations, and there seems to be a long list of disgruntled employees eager to help investigators

Yahoo has a long report on accusations that the school "deliberately, blatantly and consistently" committed recruiting violations during the pandemic:

While Edwards operates as a mostly hands-off CEO, associate head coach Antonio Pierce has accumulated much of the power in the ASU program thanks to his recruiting reach. His rise to power has been enabled by deputy athletic director Jean Boyd, who oversees football.

With Pierce’s power has also come division, as coaches have lost jobs, recruiting staff have felt pressure to blindly follow Pierce’s aggressive tactics and multiple sources said that those who insisted on avoiding recruiting gray areas were ostracized. That left a running joke on group texts and in phone calls this week about the mystery of who collected and documented all the receipts, emails and screenshots.

“There’s too many disgruntled people”

(The best Herm Edwards ASU moment.)