Tuesday, June 29, 2021

A San Francisco business says it will open a tasting room for its lab-grown "salmon"

SF Chronicle on the company's plan to open a tasting room this fall for chefs and students:

it’s more like an interactive museum where visitors get a window into how the fish is made, literally. The tasting room will have a glass barrier allowing diners to peer into the production facility where the salmon is grown in stainless steel tanks, similar to what visitors might find in a brewery.


Companies like Wildtype fall into the category of what’s known as cell-based agriculture, where instead of plant-based alternatives, animal cells are used to create cuts of meat in a lab. In the case of Wildtype, the company is still working with the same salmon cells it acquired a few years ago to create fish in its lab. These salmon cells are then fed nutrients in the tank before they are harvested and affixed to plant-based structures that enable the cells to grow into a particular cut of the fish.