Tuesday, June 1, 2021

A group of fisherman in Yemen stumbled upon $1.5 million worth of ambergris

BBC has a short documentary on the life-changing find.

Middle East Eye describes how the group was lucky to have an expert among them because he had been displaced from his usual fishing grounds due to the ongoing civil war:

“When the fishermen passed by a large dead fish, a fisherman displaced from Hodeidah shouted to other colleagues, as he recognised it as a sperm whale,” Abdulrahman*, one of the fishermen who retrieved the whale, told Middle East Eye.

“Hodeidah’s fishermen have experience in recognising sperm whales from others. We had passed by that same dead fish more than once, and we didn’t give it any attention as the sea is full of dead fish. But the displaced fisherman's experience made the difference.”


“The displaced fisherman was in a boat with other fishermen, and more were in another boat nearby, but they couldn’t bring the dead whale to the coast alone,” Abdulrahman recalls.

“So they asked nine boats to help them and they brought the dead whale to a beach