Saturday, June 5, 2021

Belgium's "leading virologist has been living in a safehouse" because a "far right . . . military shooting instructor is on the run with a rocket launcher and a machine gun"


"The ex-soldier, heavily armed, was on my street for three hours, right in front of my house, waiting for me to arrive home from work."


He was already on a terrorist watch list in Belgium because of his extreme right-wing political beliefs. When he disappeared from his barracks, a note left no doubt that virologists were his target.


[Authorities] admit that mistakes have been made in the investigation so far, and that questions need to be answered about how a military man on a terrorist watch list was given access to a weapons store.


In the days that followed [the ex-soldier's] disappearance, a support group was created for the ex-soldier on Facebook. Before being closed down, it had attracted nearly 50,000 members.