Sunday, August 29, 2021

ESPN aired a high school football game with a team that "lied its way into this game by stating they had D1 prospects"

During the broadcast, the broadcasters acknowledged they hadn't vetted the team's claims, and that they feared for the players' safety?

For the last few days, ESPN has been airing seven high school football games as part of their GEICO ESPN High School Kickoff, with the last game of the weekend slated to be high school powerhouse IMG Academy’s second game of the season.

IMG Academy’s opponent? A small school named Bishop Sycamore, an online charter school from Ohio


How did we get to this point, you ask? Well apparently, Bishop Sycamore lied its way into this game by stating they had D1 prospects (they don’t) and naming players who don’t even go to the school in their press release.
AA has learned that this game was scheduled by Paragon Marketing Group. Paragon president ... told AA his company did not know that Bishop Sycamore played on Friday night, and would have canceled Sunday’s game if they had known that.