Monday, August 30, 2021

Wait, Disney was suspicious of that high school team for weeks, but proceeded anyway?

Awful Announcing:

ESPN claims they sounded the alarm to Paragon weeks in advance when they couldn’t learn anything about Bishop Sycamore’s roster, depth chart, or even just any general information about the school.

Bishop Sycamore allegedly bailed on a conference call with ESPN days before the game, before providing a fact sheet of information on Sunday claiming multiple players had major D1 offers from power programs.

ESPN could not verify any of this information and felt they were “scammed.” That feeling permeated the broadcast


A reporter at the game shared the following with me:

“Their roster was very small though – 30-35 players would be my guesstimate. And they had a bunch of injuries over the course of the game, which makes sense if they were playing for the second time in three days.”


Many people have pointed out that Bishop Sycamore plays a lot of postgraduate players. Some have actually played in JUCO games and are a few years older than most high school athletes.