Friday, August 27, 2021

"Fatal Vision Marijuana Goggles"

A WaPo article from 2015:
experts I talked to say it's unclear how tinted goggles can simulate complicated mental phenomena like short-term memory loss and concentration deficiencies. "So the goggles take away the ability to see red, and then the teens are asked to engage in activities that are highly dependent on the color red," said ... an NYU professor who researches drug use among teens. "And this is supposed to translate into impairment from using marijuana? 
The materials are expensive. The basic package of a set of goggles plus accompanying activities starts at $975. Additional goggles cost $200 each. A refill package of five laser pointers costs $280. "There is no evidence at all that they are of any value for preventing marijuana use," said ... a professor of psychiatry at Stanford who studies drug dependence and addiction.
A news article about the Moline PD purchase in 2020:
Police say the kits will be brought to local schools and community events as a way to educate people about the effects of marijuana impaired driving. According to the police department, this will be done when possible due to COVID-19 restrictions.