Wednesday, August 25, 2021

"The head doctor at an Arkansas jail has been treating inmates suffering from COVID-19 with ivermectin"

The Daily Beast:

According to [a justice of the peace], a county employee had been sent to the jail to get a COVID test, which turned out to be negative. Nonetheless, ... a doctor who has overseen treatment and testing of inmates throughout the pandemic, allegedly prescribed the employee with 50 tablets of ivermectin, with a recommended dosage of 10 tablets per day. The pharmacy where the prescription was sent..., confirmed to The Daily Beast that [the doctor] has been filling out prescriptions there for ivermectin for both inmates and other patients.

Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette:

Washington County Sheriff ... on Tuesday confirmed that the medical provider for the Detention Center has been prescribing ivermectin to detainees to treat them for the covid-19 virus.


"Whatever a doctor prescribes, that's out of my bailiwick," [the sheriff] said. "But I will stake their record against any medical provider in any correctional facility in the United States. Doctors prescribe. They've been to medical school. I haven't."