Sunday, August 14, 2022

Good story about anti-spying paranoia during Alabama sorority rush:


Each P.N.M. [potential new member] is issued two T-shirts to wear during the week. [One P.N.M.], who is from Cincinnati, wanted to make hers a little more form-fitting. She used a black hair elastic to ball up the shirt at her lower back and tucked the extra fabric up under the shirt against her spine.

After leaving her second party on Tuesday ... she was summoned to the recruitment executive tent near the university’s football stadium.

Once there, [she] said, she was taken aside by two “straight faced” members of the executive board. One of the women pulled out a cellphone and began to read, informing [her] she had been caught violating the rules of recruitment and was being dismissed.

She said she thought it was a “sick prank.” She offered to show them her phone as proof. “It was not a phone, an active member said they saw you recording in a house,” the women told her....

[The P.N.M.] believes the active member mistook her elastic band for a microphone wire and battery pack.