Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Wait, the driver says he was asleep in the armored car when it was robbed of millions of dollars of jewelry?


The jewelry companies — which are seeking at least $100 million in restitution and at least $100 million in damages — alleged that the tractor-trailer was unarmored and parked in a “poorly lit” location at the Flying J. It was, the complaint claimed, positioned out of the “immediate vicinity” of security cameras, with its trailer’s back door facing away from the building where one of the drivers was getting food.


Brink’s alleged that the driver “did not see or hear anything unusual” during a 27-minute period in which the trailer’s plastic seal was removed and its rear lock “cut away.” At the time, the big rig’s other armed driver was inside the truck stop getting food, the company alleged. In all, 22 large bags of gems, gold and other valuables were taken in the July 11 incident at the Flying J Travel Center in [California].


Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department investigators — who are working with the FBI — say they have obtained video footage related to the incident.