Friday, August 19, 2022

"Nearly 2,300 employees have left the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services since the beginning of the year"

Houston Chronicle on how Texas protects kids:

The total number of departures, including employees who retired or were terminated, has also been climbing. In the same seven-month period last year, about 2,000 employees left; in 2018, it was just shy of 1,400. In all of 2021, about 3,500 employees left the agency — and if current trends continue, the department could see even higher numbers by the end of 2022.

Speaking of protecting kids:

An Arizona judge overseeing a high-profile lawsuit accusing the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints of conspiring to cover-up child sex abuse has ruled that the church may not refuse to answer questions or turn over documents under the state’s “clergy-penitent privilege.”

Clergy in Arizona, as in many other states, are required to report information about child sexual abuse or neglect to law enforcement or child welfare authorities. But an exception to that law — the privilege — allows members of the clergy who learn of the abuse through spiritual confessions to keep the information secret.

Judge Laura Cardinal ruled on Aug. 8 that the late Paul Adams waived his right to keep his confessions secret when he posted videos of himself