Tuesday, August 30, 2022

I thought this was another scandal about the group behind the Golden Globes, but no, it's a different Hollywood press group

Golden Globes are the HFPA. This is about the HCA:

Hollywood Critics Association in Turmoil As Numerous Members Resign, Including President, Amid Questions About Finances and Voting


The HCA was the brainchild of We Live Entertainment web journalist Scott “Movie Man” Menzel, who approached then-Access Hollywood on-air correspondent Scott “Movie” Mantz in the summer of 2016 about starting a critics group that, unlike most others, would be gender balanced and racially diverse. (Both Menzel and Mantz are white males.) Mantz liked the idea, so the two Scotts, along with former Bachelor bachelorette/journalist Krisily Kennedy, launched the organization later that year, with Menzel listed as its founder and Mantz as its president. Kennedy dropped out of the group in 2018, followed in September 2019 by Mantz, who was displeased that Menzel had independently appointed his wife, Ashley Menzel, to be the group’s vice president, and had begun making other major decisions without consultation.