Friday, November 11, 2022

Kickstarter for a video game magazine with heat shift cover

A Profound Waste of Time: Issue 3:
Our cover image for Issue 3 is an incredible collaboration with Fumito Ueda and genDesign. Illustrated by Ma-ko, whose sumptuous work has adorned APWOT's previous issues, the piece features a beautiful scene based on The Last Guardian, released for PlayStation in 2016. The cover is a reference to our lead article in Issue 3 – an exclusive and in-depth profile of creator Fumito Ueda on his working process and creative approach by Simon Parkin.

The Special Edition of Issue 3 features a different colour pallette and a special thermo-chromatic ink layer, allowing you to banish the darkness and reveal Trico underneath by simply touching the cover with your hands. Touch and tactility is such a prominent concept in the games of Ueda and his team, so it felt fitting to have that referenced in the cover with this unique production process.