Thursday, January 19, 2023

A Massachusetts high school hasn't been able to turn off its lights for over a year because no one can fix the special software it relies on


One of the cost-saving measures the school board insisted on was a “green lighting system” run on software installed by a company called 5th Light to control the lights in the building. The system was designed to save energy — and thus save money — by automatically adjusting the lights as needed.


“The lighting system went into default,” said [a school representative]. “And the default position for the lighting system is for the lights to be on.”

[The school representative] said they immediately reached out to the original installer of the system only to discover that the company had changed hands several times since the high school was built. When they finally tracked down the current owner of the company, Reflex Lighting, several more weeks went by before the company was able to find somebody familiar with the high school’s lighting system, he said.


“The teachers were complaining because they couldn’t dim the lights to show videos and movies on the whiteboard,” [a student on the school newspaper] told NBC News. “The teachers now try to get around it by unscrewing light bulbs. 

Real missed opportunity for them to not create a new light bulb-themed mascot or sell some novelty tees.