Saturday, January 28, 2023

Eight-year-old Indian diamond heiress renounced her family and became a nun

BBC (which has photos of the celebration and discusses the debate that's arisen):

[Her] parents are known to be "extremely religious" and Indian media has quoted friends of the family as saying that the girl was "inclined towards spiritual life since she was a toddler".

"[She] has never watched television, movies or gone to malls and restaurants," the Times of India reported.

"From a young age, [she] has been praying thrice a day and even performed a fast at the age of two," the paper added.

A day before her renunciation ceremony, the family had organised a huge celebratory procession in Surat.

Thousands watched the spectacle as camels, horses, ox carts, drummers and turbaned men carrying canopies walked the streets, with dancers and performers on stilts providing entertainment.

[She]  and her family sat in a chariot pulled by an elephant, while crowds showered them with rose petals. 

Fortune has more details about the family business.