Saturday, January 28, 2023

I was curious about Keke Palmer's green jersey in Nope, so read up on the costuming

(Of all the movies I saw last year, definitely the one I'll most rewatch.) 

Vogue interviewed Alex Boivard:

“I really get under their skin and try to figure out how they think,” she says. “I ask questions like, ‘What color suits them?’ ‘Can they even dress themselves?’ ‘Are they trying hard?” 


[Emerald] wears OJ’s soccer shirt in the finale


We ... wanted a dark palette for [Angel]. Because [Brandon Perea] is naturally very effervescent. He shows up looking like a roadie sometimes. He’s got cutoffs, band tees. Vans. He’s a California Latin guy—so we tried to imagine him as “Latin-emo.” But even then he was still perky. So we had to bring him into more punk band territory.


I remember watching the trailer and thinking, ‘Wow, they look like crayons!’ But it was on purpose. We thought the contrast of these super neon colors against the desert backdrop would be really cool. I remember seeing David LaChapelle stuff in the ’90s and being really captivated by it.


 I tried to make the characters look like action heroes, but cool ones.


they’re still cool kids that go to LA. They’re not living in Montana! They’re just outside of the city, in canyon country.

(There's a lot more in the interview, including various nods to the The Goonies, and some deleted scenes.)

SyFy has more details, including the 80's movie that helped inspire OJ's hoodie, the 80's star that was considered for Jupe, and this:

Prior to boarding the film, Bovaird found herself entranced by a curious art installation in the middle of Joshua Tree National Park. "I just came across a big cube of earth with clothes shoved into it and then more earth [and] more clothes. I could see how cool bright colors looked with earth"


The Captain Quint of the cosmic expedition is Antlers Holst (Michael Wincott), a veteran and gravelly-voiced cinematographer chasing the most impossible shot of his entire career. Wincott insisted on wearing all black, which worried Bovaird, given the sweltering backdrop against which Nope filmed most of its action.

"I definitely pushed back a little bit because I was worried about his comfort," she explains. "[The shoot] was out in Santa Clarita canyon country, it's like 115 degrees, there was no shade, and [we had] these endless action sequences. But he was adamant that he wanted to wear black. And then he met our cinematographer, Hoyte [van Hoytema], who only wears black, and also wears a black wool scarf. So I couldn't really win that argument anymore. I guess some people just don't really get hot. But I've worked with a lot of actors, and I don't want them to commit to this one costume and then be uncomfortable. Michael and I actually went shopping together for his costume. We had a lot of fun."


we embroidered UFOs and also alien heads onto [Jupe's suit]. The shape of the kids' costume alien heads is a specific shape. And so, those alien heads, and the spaceship are on the cuffs and on the back. I created it with a company in Texas that specializes in that kind of Nudie suit. It's always been big in the country music world. They have the best chain stitches. It's a dying art with these special machines that render the embroidery in a nice chunky fashion


Did Daniel have any input into this? 

Not as much, because he's quite Method, so I felt, like in all the fittings, he was already OJ

A redditor points out that the Canyon High School Cowboys near Agua Dulce wear green and yellow.

I didn't see any discussion of the motorcycle paparazzo's look.  

The NBC shop sells a Scorpion King hoodie. 

(And yes, the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles used to have a UFO-themed electronics superstore and an Alice in Wonderland-themed one.)

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