Friday, January 6, 2023

Brand New Box teamed with Robin Sloan and Inkello to create a wonderful digital and printed short story

Before there was much on the web, I cherished the ID and Print magazine annual awards. This project definitely would have been featured. 

Brand New Box commissioned Robin Sloan to write a short story for their annual card to send to friends and clients:
We gave him free rein, with the requests that the story just mention Lawrence (where the majority of BNB employees have been based). He came up with a bunch of good ideas, and I'm sorry we couldn't pursue all of them. I LOVED the one that he went with though - and I'm excited to share it with everybody.

The story features a Big Red Synthesizer - a fictionalized version of an actual red modular synthesizer at the actual Lawrence Public Library. In fact, we took one of our Brand New Box Final Friday outings a few years back to learn how it worked and make some music together.

The story is wonderful, available online, and supplemented by a virtual synthesizer:

Brand New Box also teamed up with Inkello to create a special print edition, based on the story's focus on the wonders of the library:

Brand New Box's holiday card last year was charming too, handmade with special stamps, and accompanied by a patch.