Wednesday, January 11, 2023

"The New Soldiers in Propane’s Fight Against Climate Action: Television Stars"


The Propane Education and Research Council, or PERC, which is funded by propane providers across the country, has spent millions of dollars on “provocative anti-electrification messaging” for TV, print and social media, using influencers


“When I think of winter, I think of being inside. I think of cooking with the family, of being by a roaring fire — and with propane, that is all possible” 

Meanwhile in Los Angeles:

The warning Southern California Gas Co. issued to its customers was unusually blunt: “There’s no easy way to put this,” the company said. “January bills are likely to be shockingly high.”

Anyone who heats their home with natural gas is likely to see a January bill that is more than double what they paid a year earlier, SoCalGas said.

A typical peak monthly bill of $65 from last winter will probably come in close to $160, SoCalGas said, a 146% increase. A $130 bill will be more like $315, up 142%.

I'd like to see a deep fake of Mike Rowe visiting the Narkina 5 prison facility from Andor and telling the workers what an incredible job they're doing