Saturday, May 13, 2023

A particularly ridiculous example of Beverly Hills shifting the cost of caring for the homeless onto Los Angeles

On Wednesday, Mayor Karen Bass went to L.A.’s Beverly Grove neighborhood to speak to residents of the San Vicente encampment — located across the street from Beverly Hills — and to monitor the latest operation of her Inside Safe initiative, which is designed to move unhoused people off the streets and into motel and hotel rooms.
Relocating residents of the San Vicente encampment is the mayor’s 16th Inside Safe operation, and the second to be carried out in Councilmember Katy Yaroslavsky’s district, which includes a portion of the Westside.

Yaroslavsky acknowledged that all of the tents that made up the San Vicente encampment were on the Los Angeles side of the street. None were on the side that’s in the city of Beverly Hills.

Asked why that is, she said there is at least one reason: “We’re providing housing.”

“When you have disparities in terms of how cities are addressing a problem, you’re going to have people naturally moving to one side [of the street] — or being told to move to one side,” she added.