Thursday, May 4, 2023

There's quite a growing list of scandals for the University of Alabama athletics department, including its baseball coach seemingly betting on his own team's game

The latest is the baseball coach (who makes around $500,000 a year) was fired under the apparent suspicion he was gambling on his own team's game (the fact no one else bet on the game apparently drew the casino's initial suspicion). Here's how the Birmingham News concludes its article about the scandal:

A bad sign for betting on college sports?

Not necessarily.

If this case has shown us anything, it is that the plans, policies and procedures in place work.

Most states have integrity mandates, including Alabama. Basically, they state operators contract, communicate and report to an independent integrity monitor.

The insider said, “it shows the system works.”

Yahoo listed the athletic program's very recent scandals:

That’s a fired coach, a capital murder case, a death from DUI, a domestic violence charge and all sorts of drugs and guns surrounding one school.

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