Thursday, November 16, 2023

ILM's model of Ahsoka’s T-6 Jedi Shuttle

The official site has a feature on its creation:
[John] Goodson spent nearly four months working full-time in his Marin County garage to sculpt, cast, and fabricate Tano’s T-6 shuttle for the era of the New Republic with help from machinist Dan Patrascu who added the mechanical innards. “It was really complicated,” Goodson says.

For eight hours each day, Goodson vacuum formed and fabricated individual parts, instead of simply 3-D printing the majority of the model from a digital file. Despite its popularity, 3-D printed pieces are delicate, Goodson says, and for a hero ship that will be mounted to a motion-control rig for countless shots
There are about 350 individual parts on the finished T-6 model, which includes everything from the smallest greeblies pulled from a long-forgotten model kit to the large vacuum formed segments.
With a singular wing rotating around the fuselage to propel the T-6, he and Patrascu, the shuttle’s machinist, also had to balance the weight of the five-pound wing piece on a tiny gear, about three inches in diameter. “That's all the weight of the wing on this gear,” Goodson notes.

The mechanism driving that movement was another puzzle for the model making team. Patrascu fabricated the one-of-a-kind mechanical parts to power the small motor tucked away in a three-inch tube at the model’s core. “He had to custom machine the gears and the electrical connections, and it works, which is remarkable,”
Here's a few moments of making of:

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