Thursday, November 23, 2023

Today's news and jokes

(He was arrested.)

("He had directed only one movie, '47 Ronin.' It was a commercial and critical dud, and Mr. Rinsch's tussles with its producers had raised eyebrows, even in an industry where such conflicts are the norm.")

(A master stroke to draw more attention to the booing)

@sarahsherryy Thinking about when my husband met me at a bar 8 years ago if he knew he would havw to watch football like this for the rest of his life…#contentcreators #momsoftiktok #momsover30 #ugccreator ♬ original sound - Sarah Sherry | UGC Creator✨✨

@mike.kendall7 #ev #greenenergy #hoax ♬ original sound - mike kendall

@kangarootails training your human is hard work 🙄 #wombat #rescue #notpets #wildlife #raisetorelease ♬ original sound - KangarooTails

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