Sunday, November 5, 2023

Nissan created a Fortnite world to promote its Hyper concept cars and their biometric-monitoring AIs

The Fortnite world:
In the game, players slide along Grind Rails – a unique zip-line like mechanism – that allow them to explore the world in an exciting, exhilarating way. The main mission of the game is to light up the city by collecting batteries along the Grind Rails or in the world as treasure items. The batteries will be used to charge each EV concept car, which will send power to the grid. In the virtual showroom set up at the end of each stage, players will be able to see the EV concept car and the symbolic user up close, from all angles, which they can take a screenshot of. The game has several stages to showcase each of the advanced EV concepts that Nissan is revealing. 

For example, the Hyper Tourer:
Fully autonomous driving enables those in the driver’s seat to focus on interacting with their travel companions. The front seats can swivel 360 degrees, allowing front- and rear-seat passengers to have face-to-face discussions. Rear-seat passengers can use a wearable display to view and operate the navigation and audio on the front-seat center display, creating a sense of unity among all occupants. Also, an innovative AI system can monitor your biometric signs—including brain waves, heart rate, breathing and perspiration—and automatically select complementary music and adjust the lighting to fit your mood.
And the Hyper Punk:
the onboard cameras can capture the scenery around the car and use AI to convert to manga-style scenery or graphic patterns according to the owner's preferences. The imagery can then be projected on a three-screen display arranged around the driver in the cockpit, creating a space where reality and the world of the metaverse are fused together.