Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Today's news and jokes

"If you want a preview of what movies could turn into after the Age of Marvel, look no further than the monster success of "Five Nights at Freddy’s'"

@zenifonline Works wonders 🫣 #genzoffice #officehumour #genzofficehumour #officelife #corporatemillenial ♬ IT GIRL - Sped up Version - Aliyah's Interlude

@itsinventable Replying to @MamaK Safe and easy enough to cut your own diaper box! Here’s Milo (our 2yo Chief Testing Officer) back at it again with one of our prototypes! While we encourage safety precautions including not touching the tool, kids are kids which is why we are making sure it stays safe in case they do! #cardboard #cardboardcrafts #cardboardtoys #stemtoys ♬ original sound - InvenTable

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