Saturday, March 16, 2024

New roller coaster lets you experience The Phantom of the Opera in virtual reality during the ride

Here's the promotional video:

From the official site:
Eurosat Coastiality - The Phantom of the Opera invites you on an immersive VR adventure. At the centre of this gripping story is the ghost of the Parisian 'OpĂ©ra Populaire', whose fascinating story is now brought to life at Europa-Park. The Phantom of the Opera lives in secret and hides his masked face from the world. But when the young soprano Christine enters his life, fate takes its course. 
The mystery and intrigue of this gripping love story, coupled with the thrill of a rollercoaster ride, can now be experienced up close.

This new virtual reality adventure in the French themed area on Eurosat Coastiality has been set to Andrew Lloyd Webber's classic musical 'The Phantom of the Opera'. A separate station with sliding track and separate trains has been integrated into the dark ride rollercoaster to make the innovative ride experience possible.

This means that there are two attractions in one ride that use the same track layout. With this concept, Europa-Park offers its visitors a unique virtual reality experience.

All passengers put on the VR headset in a pre-show room before the actual VR rollercoaster ride. The real, physical environment is recreated exactly in virtual reality, allowing visitors to board the train without any problems while wearing the VR headset. This is followed seamlessly by the actual VR ride on the rollercoaster.