Monday, June 3, 2024

Footage of remarkably bold cheating at the world junior surfing championship


[An Australian] was in fourth place in the four-person heat and needed a score of 2.4 to advance with less than a minute remaining in the heat.

She took off on a wave, only to have [a Portuguese surfer] surf across her path and deliberately run interference.

[The Portuguese surfer] even attempted to push [the Australian] off her surfboard, yelled abuse at her and tried to grab the leash attached to her board.

Here's the footage:

@australiancommunitymedia The Portuguese rival repeatedly dropped in on Aussie surfer Willow Hardy, pulling at her board lead, pushing her off her board, and shouting abuse, during the El Salvador ISA World Junior Championship 2024. #surfing #juniorworldchampionship #willowhardy #surf #elsalvador ♬ original sound - Australian Community Media

And here's her apology:

Gold went to a surfer named Ziggy Aloha Mackenzie: