Saturday, June 29, 2024

The ultra-limited edition of Cory Doctorow's novel "Red Team Blues" features a hidden interior pocket

Keep this in mind for the next time he announces a crowdfunding campaign with limited edition:

One of the rewards for [the crowdfunding campaign for Red Team Blues] was a very special hardcover: a handmade, leather-bound edition of Red Team Blues, typeset by the typography legend [John D. Berry, bound by the legendary book-artist John DeMerritt, and printed by the master printer JaVae Berry.]

But this wasn't a merely beautiful, well made book – it had a gimmick. You see, I had already completed the first draft of The Bezzle, the second Hench novel, by the time I launched the Kickstarter for Red Team Blues. I had John Berry lay out a tiny edition of that early draft as a quarter-sized book, and then John DeMerritt hand-bound it in card.

The reason that edition of The Bezzle had to be so small was that it was designed to slip into a hollow cavity in the hardcover, a cavity that John Berry had designed the type around, so that both books could be read and enjoyed.