Monday, June 24, 2024

Today's news and jokes

(I didn't see this written up anywahere, but FWIW the article seems to be from May and simply said "updated" when I looked, with no mention of how it had been updated. Per the comments on the tweet, this is the archived version, and they initially updated the phrasing of the allegation, before deleting it entirely.)

(I'd never heard of him, and tried watching the big video about him after seeing mention of how clever it was, and was completely mystified, kept waiting for it to get to some sort of point)

(I...liked the all blue worn with rolled up pants)

(I was curious--she's not eligible to replace Brink at the Olympics)

@mauriandcucumbers Mauri is NOT sharing his rope with anyone! #mauriandcucumbers #cats #cucumbercat #kitten #ragdoll ♬ Wii U Mii Maker - ☆

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