Friday, June 7, 2024

Today's news and jokes

("While the gun was fake, the enactment involved screaming and fake gunshot sounds...the point of the presentation was to prove how witness statements can be unreliable".) ("They realized it was fake only after noticing that the cops in the room had done nothing to stop the pretend shooter")

(Tiktokers have been claiming the secret to getting more generous portions is to film the worker assembling your burrito)

("[She] said she pledged under her former married name but then after her divorce, she changed her name to distance herself from her ex-husband. She said that is why her current name does not match the Delta membership records. 'I refuse to tell what my former married name was,' [she] said.")

Gonna be Lakers coaching talk all weekend now (unless there's a slightly hard foul in the WNBA)

Sesame Street chimera

@laraestelmusic #f1 #monaco #monacogp #charlesleclerc #carlossainz #oscarpiastri #grandprix #monacoπŸ‡²πŸ‡¨ #formulaone ♬ BIRDS OF A FEATHER - L i e k e πŸŽ€

@wildcorwin A humbling experience with Pat, the Giant Pacific octopus @Alaska SeaLife Center. GPO are known for their incredible intelligence, complex emotions, and, in Pat’s case, cheeky attitude! #wildlife #nature #bloopers #oops ♬ original sound - Jeff Corwin

@emikokonuts my dog joining her in *silent protest* πŸ₯ #japanese #moms #fyp #funny #shame ♬ Funny - Gold-Tiger

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