Friday, April 30, 2010

Faile Bast Deluxx Fluxx Arcade

The Toy Baroness posted some great photos of the Faile x Bast Deluxx Fluxx Arcade. Here's a video showing the same event when it was in London:

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Toy Roundup

A whole bunch of great toys you can order right now:

Tomorrow Queens on sale at Bambaland.

Amanda Visell's Tic Toc Apocalypse.

Doktor A x Lift Detroit MadL.

Lemi the Space Wanderer 10" plush.

Aerialbots and Combaticons Combiners.

Empire Strikes Back vintage figures.

Mandalorians, Aurra Sing, and more Clone Wars action figures.

Redesigned Snake-Eyes, Storm Shadow, and other G.I. Joes.

Iron Man and War Machine Lego CubeDudes

Iron Man (with flip-up faceplate) and War Machine Lego CubeDudes by Angus MacLane.

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Wyld Stallyns t-shirt (and more)

Four new t-shirt on sale at the newly designed Last Exit to Nowhere:

Wyld Stallyns from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure

LV-426 Hadley's Hope from Alien

Championship Vinyl from High Fidelity

Super Soul from Vanishing Point

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Plush Michael Jackson as the werewolf from Thriller

Plush Michael Jackson as the werewolf from Thriller by Cupco.

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Ladies of Disaster by Ken Keirns

First, a few of my favorites from Ken Keirns's new show at Rotofugi: Dreams Burn Down:

Second, a few of my favorites from Jimmy Pickering's show, also at Rotofugi: Beautiful Miasma (the circles are grommets attached to the drawings):

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Major Dreadful and Winston miniature

I usually only post miniatures at Toycutter, but I make an exception for miniatures from Smog. Above is a beautifully painted Major Dreadful (with his dog Winston). You can see more photos of this and other spectacularly painted miniatures here.

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Strange creatures by Justin Cherry

A small sampling of the bizarre creatures on display at Justin Cherry's site. Several of these are available as prints here.

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