Friday, January 1, 2016

Link roundup

1. "'U.S. land forces will eventually find themselves locked in fights within huge, dense urban environments where skyscrapers tower over enormous shanty towns, and these troops need more realistic training to operate within these future megacities,' Brigadier General Julian Alford of the U.S. Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory explained earlier this month"

2. "Nobody Cares If You Lie"

We see scenes from a school, in which children—including the man’s own son—are being taught the story of the Indonesian massacre, but rather than the truth (that poor peasant workers were murdered for having “communist sympathies”) they are told that the communists were rapist atheist savages who trying to enslave the insurgents’ wives and children. The massacre has become so ingrained into the culture of Indonesia, and the perpetuators so integral to their society, that it is as if it never happened at all. Even those who lost tell the man to knock off his search for justice, or explanation. He is seen as drudging up ancient history that’s now irrelevant. He sees his questioning as a search for truth. Everyone else sees it as a weak man not accepting the world for what what it now is, and has been for some time.
3. Good podcast: "What was your favorite game of 2015? We asked 22 of the smartest people we know–designers, critics, academics, political journalists, an actor, a playwright–and got 18 different answers."

(Games I'm playing right now are all iOS--Card Crawl, Air Attack 2, and two games I started playing to bond with my kids, and am genuinely enjoying, Telltale's Minecraft and Madden Mobile.)

4. 50% off Animal Crossing Amiibo at Amazon.