Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Link roundup

1. Sarah Jeong live-tweeted today's hearing in the monkey selfie intellectual property case.

2. No advertisements on NBA jerseys yet because some teams will make so much more money than others.

3. Mod for Soma that makes enemies harmless:

“…the servants of the WAU quietly patrolling the abandoned halls of Pathos-2 have a chilling poignance to them. Puppets slowly stalk you through hallways instead of madly dashing for you, as if they are confused by your presence and don’t know what to do with an intruder that shares their flesh and blood. Constructs beg you for structure gel, and angrily chastise you for not sharing, but they cannot take it from you, and as you walk by them, a cold chill overtakes you as you realize they will slowly starve in the inky black depths. Playing it is an incredibly surreal experience, and while I personally prefer the vanilla gameplay, I think for those with weaker countenances, this is certainly a worthwhile way to play.”
4. Bombshells Supergirl statue is $44 off today at the BBTS. Also available are five talking figures from Pul Fiction.