Monday, October 22, 2012

Video game ideas from a parody account

Video games from the parody Peter Molyneux Twitter account, some of which were turned into actual games:
Imagine carrying a radioactive baby in a pitch black environment, your baby would act as a torch. Rocking the baby intensifies the glow etc. 
How about a game where you get to be a mother-in-law who bullies your son’s young wife? The aim is to have her thrown out within x months. 
Online sidescrolling co-op 8 player game where each person controls a leg of an octopus. Each leg can attach guns which the player can fire. 
War game where at the end you walk through a graveyard looking at each and every headstone of those you killed followed with 1 minute of silence. 
3D adventure game where you have amnesia and wake up in a gigantic museum where every room is devoted to a year of your life. 
Survey.What if there was a free game where your avatar is always crying. It doesn't affect the game but you could stop it for $2. Would you? 
Simply reversing game ideas can create new experiences. Imagine a driving game where you have to avoid frogs crossing the road? 
If I made a zombie game it would feature just one dangerous zombie, your child. You must sneak out avoiding society, trying to find help. 
Social experiment. Game in which the high score is based on the distance you drop your Smart Phone without it breaking. 
Game where you can only ever fire 1 bullet. Then the game is slowed down and you direct/maintain it through the entire game with powerups 
How about an escort mission where YOU play as the escort for a horrible agent. Give them a mental breakdown by repeatably getting in the way 
I'd like to see a war game in which you come in after the war to clean up debris, as you do you see ghosts of those fighting around you 
Romantic parkour game in which you and the love of your life must hold hands and jump around a city evading death and injury