Thursday, July 23, 2015

CBS weathercaster posting live feeds that "sort of resembles the dynamic of live streaming porn"

LA Observed:
Evelyn Taft, the morning weathercaster, now announces on Twitter that she will be live on Periscope prepping to go on the air. The Evelyn Taft groupies who go over there get to watch up close via laptop camera as she brushes her hair, puts on eye makeup, and verbally replies to some of the fanboy praise that flows by on Periscope such as "You look like a model" and "Are you single?" (Her answers: Thanks for the compliment, and "I am not.") Some of the male comments that stream past are much cruder, of course. They get a show as carries the computer onto the set and lets the Periscope viewers watch from the side as she waits to go on the air. They see her do her weather segment, then she comes back to the computer and whispers more comments into the Periscope screen.