Friday, July 1, 2016

"thanks to Minecraft, the griefer is experiencing a renaissance"

On YouTube, videos advise on how to proof your buildings against griefers, by building walls lined with obsidian or posting re-spawning witches at your door. A great many others catalogue the exploits of griefer collectives. Team Avolition is among the best known channels. Then there’s Perfect Griefer, Grief Nation, The TNT Empire, Unstoppable Luck and Vexage Griefing, formerly known as I Can Has Grief, who I spoke to over Gmail.

“I got into griefing from watching Team Avolition,” Totz of Vexage Griefing told me. “They really inspired me to start griefing and getting into hacked clients.”


Zcs’s team aims for technically complex and visually impressive griefing. “We find something that would elicit a good response for YouTube, because that’s what gets views,” he explained. “Often we don’t discover the exploits that we use in the videos—they get passed around the griefing community like gossip.”


Minecraft’s griefer culture could well reflect such an anxiety, a clash of older “serious” players and far younger ones. It seems likely that for some players, turning griefer marks a coming of age. Recruitment posts for griefer teams reflect this: