Saturday, January 7, 2017

"Alexander Wang's Adidas Collection Was Sold In Unmarked Trucks And Trash Bags"

While meant to mimic the surprise drops of high-profile albums lately, there were actually clues posted around New York days in advance. Posters appeared that were emails between officials at Adidas Originals and Alexander Wang, discussing the collection and the use of the logo. The names and brands were blacked out, except for one of the email addresses with an Alexander Wang URL. On the day before Wang's show for his own new collection, someone went around and stamped the name of someone at Alexander Wang on the posters. Then, on the day of the show, just hours before the news of the Adidas collaboration went public, the Adidas Originals' logo was stamped on the posters.

Leaflets were also passed out around the city, featuring the Alexander Wang logo and an inverted phone number. Callers got an answering machine that would reveal three locations. "12 p.m., Mercer and Canal. 3 p.m., 5th Ave and 57th St. 6 p.m., Brooklyn." People thought it was a casting call or a fashion show, but didn't know it was actually the locations of unmarked trucks selling the collection.


"What Alex did so brilliantly with the collection was to literally challenge the ultimate status quo of the brand, it's very own logo. He did in a subversive way, flipping it upside down