Tuesday, January 24, 2017

"Death toll from Italy's hotel avalanche rises to 14, as prosecutors study email that begged for help hours before disaster struck"

Hotel owner Bruno Di Tommaso sent an urgent email to police and local authorities just hours before the avalanche smothered the Rigopiano Hotel in a blanket of snow, ice, debris and pine trees, last Wednesday.

He said his guests had been left "terrified" by four powerful earthquakes, all of more than magnitude 5.0, that had shaken central Italy that day.


Survivors have recounted how they ate snow to stay alive while they were trapped in the shattered remains of the hotel.

On Monday, exhausted rescuers found something to cheer about when they came across three sheepdog puppies, resembling small polar bears, trapped in the boiler room of the hotel.
(Article includes multiple photos of the puppies.)