Friday, January 6, 2017

“Eventually, you can only make pants so wide. That became our Achilles’ heel.”

From 2015, The Story of JNCO’s Rise, Bankruptcy, and Comeback Attempt:
JNCO, as the public knows it, was founded in 1985 with $200,000 USD in savings. United under the acronym which meant, “Journey of the Chosen Ones” or “Judge None, Choose One,” the brothers’ business model and work ethic were inspired by their father—a sales rep whose business was driven by denim. Aesthetically, the style of denim drew imagination from the streets of East Los Angeles where the brothers had noticed the jean choices of Latin men.


Joseph Montalvo, a graffiti artist known as Nuke who has risen in the art world, designed JNCO’s logo, a four-pronged crown.


As kids returned to school that fall, many institutions had put JNCO’s wide leg offerings on a list of banned items that didn’t meet various dress codes.