Tuesday, December 1, 2020

An interview with the owner of Four Seasons Total Landscaping

Philadelphia Inquirer:

“You know how you can make those fake tweets from Trump’s handle?” Michael Siravo, 32, said. “That’s what I thought it was until my phone started blowing up.”

And though the three say they love laughing at social media theories that they conned the campaign into thinking they were a ritzy Four Seasons hotel, “that’s not the case,” Middleton said. “I gave them the address, I said where we were, where they can meet us, and that was that.”

They think the New York Times’ account of the situation is likely the most accurate — that Giuliani and Trump adviser Corey Lewandowski always intended to have the news conference in Northeast Philadelphia where they would be more warmly received, and that, through a garbled game of telephone, it was the president who misunderstood the location. The Trump campaign did not reply to a request for comment.

Middleton and Michael Siravo helped the campaign staff prepare, moving landscaping equipment and trucks away from the garage door and offering a computer for printing.


excitement quickly turned to dread for the Four Seasons team. Almost instantly, Marie Siravo’s phone began ringing incessantly 


By 11 p.m., Michael Siravo and Middleton — friends since college at Gwynedd Mercy — were strategizing their next move, worried about souring their relationship with longtime customers