Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Instagram’s algorithm will either reward or punish based on how comprehensively you use the app

Here's one artist describing what they believe you need to do to get Facebook to boost your Instagram account:

Instagram likes it when you are spending all your time on the app :) and using all of their available features aside from normal feed posts :) They like it when you post a combination of normal posts, reels, IGTV, stories, shoppable posts, etc etc. You know those little events they do in stories like the “I Voted” sticker? participate in that school spirit kinda junk. The algorithm likes it when you use the in app camera and filters, geolocation tagging, messaging, story buttons, all that stuff. 


• 3 feed posts per week (reels & IGTV you choose to post to feed count here)

• 8-10 stories per week, preferably 2+ per day

• 4-7 reels per week

• 1-3 IGTV a week