Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Dozens of gunman flooded a Brazilian town to rob a bank


Bank robbers armed with military-grade weapons have laid siege to a city in southern Brazil, torching vehicles, kidnapping government workers, blowing up a bank and engaging in a two-hour gun battle as the mayor begged residents to stay indoors.


a convoy of luxury vehicles including Audis, Land Rovers and BMWs [] cruised into town carrying a platoon of masked raiders whose armoury included 50-calibre rifles capable of downing helicopters.


In their wake, the robbers left cash strewn across the streets. Residents soon spread out to snatch up the notes, television footage showed.


Brazil has a long history of bank heists, and major lenders have struggled with a wave of violent robberies in recent years as criminals have mastered the use of explosives to access cash.

Al Jazeera:

Police later located the attackers’ vehicles in a neighbouring municipality


The brazen robbery resembles another that took place in July in the city of Botucatu, in Sao Paulo state. There, around 30 armed men blew up a bank branch, took residents hostage and exchanged gunfire with police officers before making their getaway.