Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Hackers spent years working patiently until launching a "murderous rampage" on a Minecraft server

Rich Stanton for PCGamer:

[Minecraft server] 2B2T is an example of Minecraft's enormously wide appeal and its ability to turn players into creators: it is a place with a real history, which is written on and defines the landscape. The community around 2B2T and the way it has developed over the years is why it was featured in the 2019 exhibition Videogames: Design / Play / Disrupt at London's V&A Museum.


This story begins even before that. In 2018 a bunch of ne'er do wells found an exploit in a piece of Minecraft server software


the hackers' knowledge of the game world became ever-more complete and the temptations were simply irresistible. Countless bases were destroyed, endless valuables looted, and the community descending into full-blown panic to the extent many refused to log in.

Members of the 2B2T community had noticed something funny going on over the years building up to this, but the group behind NoCom had also organised a disinformation campaign across forums....

As NoCom's momentum built and its presence on the server became impossible to hide, the crew behind it knew that the end was nigh. It went on a murderous rampage over June and July