Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Knoxville police arrested a reform activist at a community meeting city officials specifically asked the police to stay away from

Knoxville News Sentinel:

Knoxville city officials had asked KPD to not attend the community sessions because they wanted people to speak freely about their impressions of policing in Knoxville.


A deputy acknowledged putting hands on [the activist] in an arrest report filed Friday, but says it was to prevent [the activist] from spitting on him. The charges against [the activist] now also include one of assaulting a first responder stemming from the deputy's allegation that [the activist] spat on him while he was in custody.


There is no body cam video footage of [the activist's] time in custody after the few moments of the arrest itself captured on video by a Knox News reporter and a bystander. In those videos, [the activist] is prone and passive while being handcuffed and carried away by deputies.


the Knox County Sheriff’s Office said body camera footage of the arrest is not available because cameras were not worn. KCSO says they are not issued to court officers because they are required to go into the courtroom at a moment’s notice.