Monday, January 17, 2022

Nine behind-the-scenes stories about making HBO's "Station Eleven"

(It's absolutely terrific--and I never made it far in the book.) Vulture:

Our main access road to the cabin set, only one way in and one way out — it’s the road that we brought all the equipment in and brought the cast in, and it was meant to be pristine. In the story, it’s post-pandemic. There are no cars! So Patrick came up with this brilliant idea that even though we’re post-pandemic, there’s one guy with a snowplow. He was like, “Why not! There could be a guy with a snowplow, and he’s clearing the road.” So we got a snowplow guy to clear the road, and that justified what was required for us to be able to shoot those scenes.

Slate also has a long interview with adapted by Patrick Somerville, who adapted the novel.

Meanwhile, in the real world: