Monday, January 17, 2022

Sotheby’s will auction a 555.55-carat black diamond from space called “The Engima”


Sotheby’s is pleased to presentThe Enigma: 555.55 Carat Fancy Black Diamond, part of RE(LUX), a Luxury Sale Series. A treasure from interstellar space, The Enigma is an exquisite and extremely rare black diamond. The largest Fancy Black Natural Colour diamond in the world, it was listed as the largest cut diamond in the world in the 2006 Guinness Book of World Records. To have a natural faceted black diamond of this size is an extremely rare occurrence and its origins are shrouded in mystery – thought to have been created either from a meteoric impact or having actually emerged from a diamond-bearing asteroid that collided with Earth. 

Cryptocurrency will be accepted as payment


the number five bears an importance significance to the diamond, which has 55 facets as well.

“The shape of the diamond is based on the Middle-Eastern palm symbol of the Khamsa, which stands for strength and it stands for protection,” she said. Khamsa in Arabic means five.