Tuesday, February 15, 2022

"Georgetown Law Really Has A Knack For Casual Racism"

"As a non-native English speaker myself, I did not appreciate that it was a derogatory term."

Meanwhile, in San Francisco:

Some background:
Collins came under fire for comments made on Twitter that appeared to be anti-Asian. The tweets, which dated to 2016 before her election to office, said Asian Americans used “white supremacist” thinking to get ahead and were racist toward Black students. Their emergence prompted the board to revoke her title of vice president. Collins apologized for the tweets and said they were taken out of context. She dismissed calls to resign.

Many Asian parents were already angered by the board’s efforts to end merit-based admissions at the elite Lowell High School, where Asian students are the majority.

As a result, many Asian American residents have been motivated to vote for the first time in a municipal election. The grassroots Chinese/API Voter Outreach Task Force, which formed in mid-December, said it registered 560 new Asian American voters.
Embattled San Francisco school board member Alison Collins dropped her $87 million lawsuit against the district and five fellow board members Tuesday, opting not to fight a federal judge’s strongly worded dismissal of the case in August.

Collins filed the paperwork Tuesday to voluntarily dismiss all claims against all defendants, the same day recall supporters submitted 81,200 signatures to try to oust her from her seat on the school board.


Collins filed the lawsuit in March, accusing her colleagues and the school district of violating her free speech rights when they voted to strip her of her vice presidency and remove her from committees over tweets she posted in 2016 about Asian Americans.